After serving 16 faithful years with Bell-Booth, Ron Hook retires

Since 1999, Ron Hook has been a technician in the Dosatron Service Department at Bell-Booth. During his time at the workbench Ron has cleaned and serviced many thousands of Dosatrons.

“We’ve had a number of phone calls for Ron in the past few days", says Stephen Bell-Booth, "from farmers who have so appreciated Ron's care and attention to detail when servicing their valuable dispenser. It’s not only the staff at Bell-Booth who will miss his friendly and fun remarks, Ron has a wicked sense of humour”.

We wish Ron and his wife Margaret fun-filled times in the years ahead.


Glenn Weitenberg - Levin

Glenn Weitenberg is New Zealand's winner of Supreme Farmer of the Year Award.

In this interview, Glen names two products as playing a pivotal role in his success.

One of them is Queen of Calves.

We are humbled with the mention.

We are delighted for Glen & his wife Tammi at their outstanding achievement.Queen of Calves, used by some of the best dairy farmers in New Zealand.

If you're keen to lift your game, we've got the body-builder.

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More Milk

What do Auckland property prices and this couple’s heifer development program have in common?
In 2009, Grant & Danielle Petterd randomly selected 29 calves out of the 78 replacements born that spring and raised them on the Queen of Calves program. The remaining 49 calves were raised on an identical nutrition program of milk & calfmeal but minus the daily addition of Queen of Calves to the milk.

We were unaware of the Petterd's in-farm trial, and the milk production & survival outcomes, until four weeks ago. Click below to read the full story.

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FSTV with Richard Loe: Bell-Booth

Richard talks with Stephen Bell-Booth, the CEO of Bell-Booth Ltd about the advancements and refinements of their revolutionary calf nutrition programme, Queen of Calves.

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