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Climbing to new heights


After a challenging dairy season and summer, some of our staff were rewarded with a bridge climb in Auckland in celebration of our flagship product, Queen of Calves. Among the climbers were some of our managers, CEO and 5 deserving Product Specialists.

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NZ research grant

New Zealand may have a chance to break into the $1.6 billion seaweed industry thanks to research that could help make the sushi ingredient more productive to farm.

A breakthrough in 15 years of research by New Zealand scientists has unlocked new information about the most well-known red seaweed in the world, known as nori in Japanese and karengo in Maori.

The seaweed and other closely related species, which are used to make sushi, are highly prized worldwide. They are harvested from the wild and are also farmed.

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NZ Dairy Event website

The NZ Dairy Event website is now up and running, although for some sections it's work in progress the Schedule of Classes and the entry form is now on line.

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