MAC Tail Paint

MAC Tail Paint

MAC Tail Paint for Beef and Dairy Cattle

...the easy to use indicator paint system, for detecting heat (oestrous) in farm stock.  Available in six bright colours, to give an easily visible sign of an animal having been involved in the normal riding behaviour, apparent at the time of oestrous.

Easy to use aerosol application makes AB management quicker, simpler & cheaper overall.

Aerosol convenience eliminates waste...paintbrushes...spillages...saves time.  Safer too, with one hand always free.

Procedures - Identify Non Cyclers

Six weeks prior to mating paint the tailheads of the herd with one colour.

Three weeks prior to mating, apply a different colour to all cows that have cycled.  Touch up all non-cyclers with the original colour.

A few days before mating, identify those cows that have not yet cycled for veterinary examination.



One day before mating re-paint cyclers & non-cyclers with their respective colours.  Cows that have been on heat within the last 24 hours will have rubbed and broken paint, and are ready for insemination.

Twelve hours after insemination re-paint all cows with another colour.  If this paint is rubbed or broken, a failure to conceive is indicated.

After three weeks of AB management, cows, which have not been re-painted, should be presented for veterinary examination.


For clear recognition of infected or treated udders, mark the afflicted quarter with Mac TailPaint.

We suggest Red for STOP and when all clear, overspray with Green for GO



Animals should be clean and dry before painting.

Shake can well before use.

Apply a 15cm (6 inch) stripe to the high point of the cow's tail.  Avoid the possibility of freeze branding by spraying at a distance of at least 30cm (12 inches).

The stripe should be about 5cm (2in) wide.

Spray against the lay of the hair.

After use, invert the can and spray until clear.