Ché garl Original


  • A natural supplement
  • Bolsters performance, stamina, and appearance
  • Horses go for the taste

Contains pure ‘ascophyllum nodosum’ seaweed meal, for coat appearance and enhanced feed metabolism as well as garlic and apple cider vinegar.  Equestrian eventers and racing trainers around the world appreciate the value of these ingredients in bolstering performance, stamina, and appearance of their horses.

“I wasn’t able to make a product that had the right balance. As Ché garl is better than my attempts, I’ll be back”. Mrs. Y Gaudsen, Silverdale, New Zealand.  May 1999

“Seems like great stuff. What about putting Ché Garl in a capsule for humans?” Ngaire Lamb, Gore, Southland, New Zealand.  August 1999.

Available in 2kg, 5kg and 20kg packs.

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