Ché garl Seaweed Meal


  • 100% product of the sea
  • Contains no other additives
  • Rich in Vitamins

Che garl Seaweed Meal is made from washed and crushed pure ‘Ascophyllum Nodosum’ seaweed. It contains a wealth of vitamins like; A, B (including B12), C, D, E and K. It contains the macro minerals calcium and phosphorous, plus sodium, potassium, magnesium, chloride, iodine, zinc and iron. Antioxidants, isomers, amino acids, proteins, enzymes, peptides, lipids, lipoproteins, betaines, dietary fibre including polysaccarides and essential fatty acids are all present in Che Garl Pure Seaweed Meal.

Feed your horse a little Che garl Pure Seaweed Meal each day during work, at approximately 5% of the total feed ration.

Available in 25kg bags

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