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Heifer development – better growth, faster weaning


  • Calf Nutrition
  • Dosatron Water Dispensers
  • Robotic Feeding Systems
  • IntenSE Trace Elements

For more information on the Queen of Calves Nutrition Programme visit  www.queenofcalves.co.nz

Precision through simplicity

All you need to harness the benefits of a Dosatron inline water dispenser is the power of water pressure to provide the momentum.

Install a Dosatron on a water pipeline, set it and leave it. It’s as simple as that. Imagine the benefits of water medication through a world-renowned, reliable and accurate dispenser that works day and night, as long as livestock drink from the troughs.

It delivers the precise amount of medication or flavour-enhancer or probiotic as the seasonal demands dictate.

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Robotic Feeding Systems

Are you tired of lifting heavy buckets to feed calves? Are you disappointed with the quality of the calves you raise? Here’s the answer. Robotic feeders can feed up to 150 calves the correct amount of food, at the right temperature, at the right time. Day and night. The system is flexible. You can choose feeding colostrum, whole milk, CMR, part whole milk/part CMR, Queen of Calves, antibiotics and electrolytes. The possibilities are wide and varied, and can be tailored to feed individual calves a specific diet, every time.

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Mineral deficiencies in livestock occur throughout New Zealand as a result of our young and comparatively infertile soils. If not treated, these deficiencies have a significant impact on the profitability of a farming enterprise.

Low mineral status can cause metabolic disorders, impaired growth rates, production losses and death in the most pronounced situations.


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