Save Time

Our robotic feeders are helping New Zealand farmers to grow better herd- replacements and get their lives back! From the far North to southern-most parts of Southland, farms are trading sore backs, missed breakfasts and heavy lifting, for healthier humans, healthier calves and a better lifestyle.
Bell-Booth represents the world-famous German engineered, Holm & Laue range. Each unit enables up to 150 calves being fed their precisely allocated volume of warm milk. Today’s technology has flexibly for multiple calf rearing and breeding situations, and offer different feeding programmes with different types of feed, always adjusted to the individual calf.
Robotic Feeder 2021

Robotic Feeders

For growing farm operations, robotic feeders offering maximum hygiene, storing and analysing important calf data, and effective, efficient work organization are essential for successful farms.

  • Individualised calf feeding
  • Flexible feeding programmes
  • Smarter Work – more efficiency and performance
  • No manual cleaning required
  • No premix to make
  • With added weigh scales, it can wean at target live weight automatically
"All I need to check is the credit list on the machines to see which calves have not had a feed, check the calves in the nursery, fill the pellets up, and then I'm gone.
I personally saved 280 hours this spring and we raised the best-ever calves! After my first season doing it the automation way, I wish I had done this 10 years ago"

Emma and Craig Burnell