It’s the stuff the professionals use!

Day and night, vertebrate pests like possums, rabbits and rodents insidiously work away at spoiling property.  They carry disease to livestock, ruin crops and threaten the health of humans and native wildlife.

New Zealanders spend nearly $200 million every year on vertebrate pest control, both directly through their own activities or indirectly via operations managed under regional and central government jurisdiction.  High though this level of investment seems, it is miniscule however when compared with the values that are at risk from pest damage and disease.

New Zealand professional pest control operators are also highly regarded overseas for their expertise.  Many successful rodent eradication operations have been carried out on scores of offshore islands by New Zealanders, using mainly New Zealand-made PESTOFF® rodent baits and blocks.

Rodents spoil food, spread disease and cause damage by fouling and gnawing. Although rodents become more visible and annoying in autumn when their numbers are high and they are looking for shelter to escape the oncoming cold, sensible rodent control involves year-round preventative action to keep populations in check.

Follow these basic tips when carrying out your pest control programme to ensure you get maximum benefit at minimum cost:
  • Choose the right product for the job and seek advice if required.
  • Anticipate the problem rather than reacting to it.  Preventative pest control is always cheaper, easier and more effective than remedial work.
  • Expose all of the pests to the control measure at the same time and remove all other food options if possible.
  • Follow label directions.  This will improve results and minimise the risk to non-target animals.
  • Replenish baits when they are consumed by pests and offer a generous amount of bait.
  • Manage pest immigration by establishing and maintaining control buffer zones.
  • Also use bait stations to ensure bait remains fresh and dry plus prevents access by non target species.