Save Time

Are you tired of lifting heavy buckets to feed calves? Are you disappointed with the quality of the calves you raise? Here's the answer. Robotic feeders can feed up to 150 calves the correct amount of food, at the right temperature, at the right time. Day and Night
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Robotic Feeders

The system is flexible. You can choose feeding colostrum, whole milk, CMR, part whole milk/part CMR, Queen of Calves, antibiotics and electrolytes. The possibilities are wide and varied, and can be tailored to feed individual calves a specific diet, every time.

  • No manual cleaning required
  • The machine rinses the lines after every feed, and twice daily does a complete system wash.
  • No premix to make.
  • Unlike some systems Robotic feeders do not require a premix of Queen of Calves or CMR to be made. Just empty the powder/s into the hopper and the robotic feeder does the rest.
  • With the option of weigh scales, the robitic feeder can be programmed to wean at target live weight without human intervention
All I need to check is the credit list on the machines to see which calves have not had a feed, check the calves in the nursery, fill the pellets up, and then I'm gone.
I personally saved 280 hours this spring and we raised the best-ever claves! After my first season doing it the automation way, I wish I had done this 10 years ago

Emma and Craig Burnell