If you are serious about addressing metabolic issues, poor milk production and a reduction in the involuntary culling of cows, it's time to give serious consideration to the use of Bell-Booth's intensive course of minerals and trace elements - the IntenSE range.

Mineral deficiencies in livestock occur throughout New Zealand as a result of our young and comparatively infertile soils. If not treated, these deficiencies have a significant impact on the profitability of a farming enterprise. Low mineral status can cause metabolic disorders, impaired growth rates, production losses and death in the most pronounced situations.

With the greater intensity of pastoral farming, the mineral and trace element requirements of livestock require a consistent and managed discipline on the part of managers and owners. The monitoring of blood and liver samples, for example, are one way of accurately providing the farmer with a diagnostic tool by which remedial decisions can be swiftly implemented. A pro-active approach towards the management of mineral and trace element requirements will assist in the prevention of deficiencies and should be considered as part of the overall animal health programme.

With trace element supplementation addressed, optimum performance is achievable. IntenSE Solutions offer a complex range of specific trace elements for supplementation in livestock. All IntenSE products are soluble and designed for treating stock water, drenching or pasture spray application, and are manufactured in New Zealand.

  • IntenSE 240 (Liquid)

    IntenSE 240 (Liquid)

    IntenSE 240 contains maintenance levels of boron, cobalt, copper, manganese, selenium, sodium...

  • IntenSE 240 (Powder)

    IntenSE 240 (Powder)

    A powerful formulation of seven trace elements to support milk production and reproduction....

  • IntenSE 240 PKE (Powder)

    IntenSE 240 PKE (Powder)

    IntenSE 240 PKE is a highly-available mineral programme for dairy herds grazing on palm kernel...

  • IntenSE 5

    IntenSE 5

    This formulation contains the five essential trace elements; cobalt, copper, manganese, selenium...

  • IntenSE 5 PKE

    IntenSE 5 PKE

    Designed for cows being fed palm kernel, IntenSE 5 contains essential trace elements cobalt,...

  • IntenSE Apple Cider Vinegar

    IntenSE Apple Cider Vinegar

    Famous for it's health-giving qualities, Apple Cider Vinegar helps fight infections, can improve...

  • IntenSE Calcium

    IntenSE Calcium

    Required for animal growth, pregnancy, lactation, nerve development, muscle function and...

  • IntenSE Caramillo

    IntenSE Caramillo

    A flavouring agent to entice stock to drink unpleasant-tasting medicated water by masking the...

  • IntenSE Cobalt

    IntenSE Cobalt

    Drives appetite and energy levels to ensure good growth rates, development and overall...

  • IntenSE Copper

    IntenSE Copper

    Essential for fertility and growth in both young stock and mature animals. Copper is vital for...

  • IntenSE Copper Chelate

    IntenSE Copper Chelate

    Copper is essential for blood production, immune and enzyme systems. IntenSE Copper Chelate...

  • IntenSE Iodine

    IntenSE Iodine

    Essential for the proper function of the thyroid gland. Hormones produced by the thyroid gland...